Mogens Schou


Tlf: +45 22610575

Mogens Schou på LINKEDIN


Master in economics and Master in organizations and sociology


Partner, Aquamind
Member, Baltic Advisory Council

Main interest and achievements

I want to contribute to a far better use of our natural capital, fish for one. Users of  natural capital must be fully accountable for what they take, just as with the CFP article 15 requirement of counting all catches against quotas. Once accountability is established prescriptive management must be exchanged with a free choice of gear allowing fishermen to innovate and take advantage of new technologies in order to optimise their value from the given outtake. Results based management in other words.

I want to contribute to better ways of allocating fishing rights. I am confident that a market based approach is the best way to match catches with quotas  and that it may also present safeguards and serve distributional policies such as prioritising small scale fishing better than a centralised handing out of rights.

I conceived Catch Quota Management with fully documented fishery, now a part of the reformed CFP. I designed and implemented DK transferable fishing concessions in 2003 (pelagic) and 2007 (demersal). I participated in the negotiations of the first Common Fisheries Policy 1983, and all subsequent revisions of the CFP.

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