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Nov 15 2022

The Fishery for Furcellaria has been a lucrative business for fishers in Denmark from the late forties to mid-seventies.

Aug 30 2022

The whelk fishery in Denmark is on a rise, but several fishing areas have been closed due to high cadmium-levels in the whelk.

Aug 16 2022

To fight of the invasive round Goby, we've released over 8000 turbot and 11000 fish larvae in 2022 in the Guldborgsund in southern Denmark.

Feb 07 2022

We are exporting a shipment of whelk to Hongkong to please the Hongkongers with fresh seafood!

Aug 31 2021

We met with the danish adventurer Mikkel Beha and his wife Marian and his son Alfred in Møn, Denmark to talk about Turbot and it's role to fight against the Round Goby in Denmark.

May 10 2021

In our project regarding release of Round Goby-eating turbot; transects in GuldborgSund has been conducted.

Jan 19 2021

Furcellaria (Furcellaria lumbricalis) was the target species for a lucrative commercial fishery in Denmark. The fishery was at it's peak in the years between 1945-1965.

Sep 30 2020

While we've been working on developing ways to breed parasite-free flat oysters, KU Sund, engineered a method to detect the parasite using eDNA. 

Sep 07 2020

Aquamind Partner Mogens Schou is quoted in the Guardian regarding Brexit fishing rights