Transferable Fishing Concessions (TFC)

Transferable Fishing Concessions

While result based management leave it to the industry to optimise the resource output  within given quotas or limits, transferability of quotas ensure that quotas may be balanced with the size of the fishing fleet and that vessel quotas on a day to day basis may be matched with actual catches. This is especially important in mixed fisheries and fisheries with a high degree of variability.

The Council of ministers general approach June2012; Article 27 establishes a basis for transferability:

With a view to adapting the fishing capacity to available fishing opportunities, each Member State may establish a system of transferable fishing concessions.

TFC’s are a contentious issue. They shouldn’t be. They are very flexible with regard to design. A thorough and explicit analysis of the objectives management should deliver and the solutions TFC may offer will often show that TFC’s as a very efficient instrument. It is all in the design.  Policies may sometimes initiate very cautious TFC systems and later allow a slide from a “socialist based model” to a more “capitalist based model” to the disappointment of traditionalists’. This however is policy, not design. The precarious state of fish stocks and the need to unfold the potential of wealth and food supply calls for an accelerated design of TFC systems to be considered politically.